Can’t Get this out of my mind.  Let me introduce you to my friend, Rev. Robert Mitchell

Unself Yourself
by Rev. Robert Mitchell from Poems About God, The Universe, and You

Unself yourself! What an odd thing to say, how can we do that? After all, we are what we know we are. We know ourselves as a person, a personality, a self, and the self we know, we have made. The problem with that is, a lot of the time the self that we have created has been created through negative conditioning. So the self we know doesn’t really know the beauty and wonder of who we really are. So we have a self that unknowingly lies to us about who and what we are. This self has patterns of habitual thinking that recreates the same things over and over again and most of those things are not healthy or true. This self can talk negatively and can even at times even be cruel. But it’s not particularly our own fault. We’ve fallen into a hole that we can’t seem to climb out of. We’ve been lied to, and we have bought the lie. We’ve been told there’s not enough, that we are not enough, we’re not smart enough, not good enough and we have been told so many times that it has come true for us. So our self, is not a very happy self.

However, there is a way out. We can unself ourselves the same way we “selfed” ourselves. Simply by reversing the process. We can stop lying to ourselves. We can stop creating negative situations by guarding our thoughts and keeping them positive. Say affirmations. Think positively about ourselves and other people. We can learn to use the impersonal Law that did not know that what we were saying about ourselves was not true. We can tell it the truth about ourselves, and we will experience that truth.

Unself Yourself

Unself yourself,
Get yourself out of your own way.
Let go of that selfish ego,
Let Spirit have Its say.

Unmask yourself,
And see inside your mind.
Watch as it becomes
Helpless, hopeless or unkind.

Undo yourself,
Stop recreating yesterday today.
Change the Law, rule your kingdom,
While you still have time to play.

Unspeak yourself,
Utter not a single negative word.
But let your mouth be filled with blessings,
And to the Universe let them be heard.

Unthink yourself,
Use mind, power and might.
Think freedom and greatness,
Until you hold them in your sight.

Unknow yourself,
You are not the condition.
You are Spirit, soul and body,
You have freedom, will and volition.

Unhide yourself
To what you are from birth.
Both human and Divine,
A Spirit here on earth.

Unbind yourself
From what is simply not true.
God is not out there but here,
The Kingdom is in you.

Unself yourself
With the mind of the mystic inside.
The mind of truth and possibilities,
That is forever your Spirit Guide.

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