We are delighted to be able to offer you the following Eden Revisited CDs and digital downloads. You can hear a portion and find out about the CDs and purchase one or more by clicking on the links below.

TRANSITIONS  The a powerful meditation “Into the Light” by Martha Worsley takes you out of yourself to a place of love and light and peace. The second track is an original piece, “Into the Forest” by Bob Glendon. It is a moving experience to let the music transport you to another place. Investment CD – $12.95; Download – $9.99 .

NAMASTE’ Soothing piano takes you on a mystical journey into yourself, where you and the world are one. Let the music take you to the place of love, light, truth and peace…the place of Namaste’. Written and performed by Bob Glendon. Investment CD -$12.95; Download – $9.99.

DRUMMING FOR SHAMANIC JOURNEYING Powerful Native American drumming to take you on a Shamanic Journey within. Let the rhythm carry you to one of the three worlds of Native American healing and self-knowledge. This is so powerful that it is suggested you not play it in a moving vehicle. Investment CD – $10.00; Download – $9.99.

ARISE AND SHINE These positive affirmations were designed to be listened to anywhere. The powerful music and words and poems put you in the frame of mind to start the day positive and full of energy. The second track helps you to let go of the stress around you and relax and become centered. Investment CD – $12.95; Download – $9.99.

JOURNEY TO EDEN Stressed Out? Want to lean to relax and let go? Then take a journey to Eden. Learn to go into the silence, relax and relieve stress. Learn to open your imagination and enhance your visualization abilities as this guided meditation will take you deep within. You will also have positive affirmation to raise your self esteem by putting positive images and ideas into your subconscious. Meditation and affirmations by Martha Worsley, Music by Bob Glendon. It is suggested you not play it in a moving vehicle. Investment CD – $12.95; Download – $9.99.

LET’S PRETEND This is for children of all ages. Invigorate your imagination, nourish your creativity and discover your own special place. You have a God-light within you; learn to make it shine. Get to know your own special guardian angel. Investment CD only – $10.00.

Of course you can maximize your support of Eden Revisited by purchasing directly from Martha Worsley at Eden Revisited.