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Eden offers Massage Therapists the following classes that provide Continuing Education credits.

Advanced Massage Techniques      12 CEUs
Anointing with Oils (Raindrop Technique)     7 CEUs
Emotional Pullouts      7 CEUs
Japanese Reiki I        8 CEUs
Japanese Reiki II       4 CEUs
Japanese Reiki III      4 CEUs
Reiki I          8 CEUs
Reiki II         8 CEUs
Reiki III        12 CEUs
Shaman’s Touch I        12 CEUs
Shaman’s Touch II       12 CEUs
Shaman’s Touch III      12 CEUs
Shaman’s Touch IV      12 CEUs
Shaman’s Touch V       12 CEUs
Sound Healing (Using Vibrations…)     2 CEUs
The Breath      2 CEUs

All classes are offered to the general public. If you are a Massage Therapist, let us know if you want CEUs.

Email Martha@Edenrevisited.com