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Individual Services:

As a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner I love working with individuals, and I use Divine Energy Healing for clearing the aura. I trained with Doreen Virtue and love doing Angels Speak and Spiritual Counseling. I use relaxation and affirmations along with creative visualization to help balance the body, mind and spirit with unconditional love and positive empowerment. I do telephone and Internet counseling, have motivational and relaxation tapes and CD’s and present seminars, lectures and workshops.

New offering! Spirit Speaks is now available as an individual modality. For more information about Spirit Speaks, visit the Spirit Speaks page.

There is a Meditation and Mastermind gathering every Tuesday at noon and 7:00 pm that I facilitate. Please join us! Check out our calendar of events!

I use all my modalities for spiritual healing. “I am creating world peace by holding the energy for spirituality, community, and healing. I am dedicated to the raising of the vibration of this earth with unconditional Love and Light.” You book an appointment with me, on the phone or in person, and the angels dictate what happens in your session. A session, except for Anointing with Oils (which is $80.00) is $65.00 and lasts for an hour to an hour and 1/2.

Interfaith Ministers:

We offer a ministerial training course for those wishing to be ordained.  The required classes are:  Reiki I and II, Spiritual Counseling I, Universal Principles and practicum requirements.  See either of our ministers if you desire Ordination as a Science of Spirituality Minister.

As a minister, I love teaching and sharing what I have learned. I am a guest speaker, lecturer and teacher throughout the US. As a minister, I use all my modalities when doing spiritual healing. Spiritual healing, like gravity, works whether one believes in it or not. All that is required is an open mind.

I love to do Weddings, Memorials, Business and House Clearings and Blessings and other spiritual ceremonies. Weddings I adore. I also do ceremonies, like Birthday Honorings, Croning Ceremonies, and Baby Blessings. In these ceremonies, guests participate in honoring the guest of honor as I hold the energy and keep things on track.
This is great fun and a most rewarding opportunity to connect in an intimate ceremony.

I also find that many houses have negative energy. I do clearing of homes and businesses, actually removing the negative energies and any entities that are infesting homes. I’m often asked to clear homes that are up for sale. I also clear negativity from individuals.