Tools for Transformation Want to be happy, joyous and free? Here are some tools that can change your life. Topics covered are: Breath, Meditation, Beginning Your Day, The Four Agreements, How words and thoughts affect you and others and many, many more topics. Especially beneficial for people in 12 step programs. 2 hours, $20.00.

All About Angels 1 or Angels, Archangels and an Angel Walk We’ll be talking about “What is an angel?” and the different levels of angels. I’ll share about 7 major archangels (male and female) and do a powerful invocation to call them in and let you feel their energy. We end the workshop with an Angel Walk, experiencing how it would feel to walk among the angels. 2 1/2 hours. $25.00.

All About Angels 2 or Learn How the Angels Speak to Us. Rev. Martha will share how you can use your spiritual abilities to hear, see, feel or know what the angels want to tell you. You’ll learn ways to practice your individual personal gifts and have lots of fun. Experience 4 archangels and feel their energy and have the opportunity to have an Angel Walk. 2 1/2 hours. $25.00.

Angel Voices  I share about the angels and then channel messages from them for each person attending. You have the opportunity to ask questions of the angels. This is a very sacred, holy gathering. 2 hours, $20.00.

The Breath We all know how to breathe, but this workshop gives you specific techniques to bring joy, to calm down, to put yourself in meditation or bring joy. The way we breathe can affect our mood and clear our minds. Experiential! 2 hours, $20.00. 2 hours of CEUs offered for Massage Therapists.

Healing with Sound You will hear and feel musical pitches and sounds that are associated with the body’s chakra. You’ll learn to “tune” your body’s energy system or chakras.. The right pitch and sound can open and clear blocked energy in your body, freeing you to be the person you were meant to be. You’ll also learn about the new chakras that are being manifest and learn how to clear them, too. 2 hours, $20.00 2 hours of CEUs offered for Massage Therapists.

Affirming Your Life It takes 100 positives to eliminate one negative ingrained belief. You’ll learn how to form affirmations, how to best feed the positive statements into your subconscious, and how it feels. We’ll work together so YOU can begin affirming changes and allowing your consciousness to believe the changes you want in your life. 2 hours. $20.00.

Ceremonies and Rituals What’s the difference between a ceremony and a ritual? You can create your own ceremony and discover all the existing rituals of your life. You’ll be given authoritative affirmations…Words of Power, Words of Release, Words for Prosperity and Words to Release Negative Energy. And you’ll have fun with like minded people. 2 hours. $20.00.

Journey for Self Discovery  Most people may be aware of their own totem animals and perhaps what these animals mean. But do you know who the totem animals are that reside in each one of your chakras and their significance. Take a Shamanic Journey and discover your totem or power animals and how to use them to balance, empower and enhance your life. 2 1/2 hours. $25.00.

Medicine Wheel  The medicine wheel is a tool for gratitude and guidance. It is used for contemplation, prayer, and for getting centered. For a while the wheel has been wrapped in mystery and secrecy. Not any more. Come learn how to make a powerful wheel for your own use and how to use it. Using the wheel will assist you in getting into an attitude of gratitude and staying there. 2 hours. $25.00.

Into-Me-See in the Digital Age It seems that many people communicate only with texting.  Some don’t even want to use the telephone or talk.  We’ll explore together how we can have intimacy (Into me see) and reconnect with each other.  This will be fun and hopefully enlightening to all! 2 Hours. $20.00