Other Modalities


Universal Principals:  What are the Universal Principles? How will you benefit by knowing them? What are the practical applications? As we discuss and explore the Universal Principles you will see how they apply to you and your life. In several areas of your life where you might be ‘stuck’, you’ll be able to really recognize the principles and have affirmations to help correct the situation. This is a fun day where you can share and learn and laugh…a lot. This workshop is for anyone desiring the ability to manifest more power and good into their life. 5 hours. $60.00  One of the required classes for Ordination

Emotional Trauma Healing Method: This technique is a way to remove blockages from the emotional body. People store up trauma and heartaches in their bodies and this prevents the full flow of energy through their bodies. The chakras or vortexes of energy over the endocrine glands. Blocks can occur in the energy pattern, which then causes pain and disease. By pulling out these blocks from the energy body, harmony and health can be obtained. The client is fully clothed and together we work to remove the trauma and blocks that the client wishes to release. You’ll learn to give and will receive this treatment. $75.00. 7 hours of CEUs are offered to Massage Therapists.

Quick and Easy Healing Methods:  This 4-hour workshop is open to anyone, whether or not they are actively working in a healing profession. These are the techniques that every parent and grand-parent should learn! You’ll learn and experience techniques and information that will assist you in the healing of yourself and/or others. These techniques have been gathered over the years by Martha Worsley and other healers and full credit is given as to where the information comes from, if possible.

Some of the techniques you’ll learn are:   Affirmations for Protection and the Immune System,  Ways to Increase Learning Ability, Headache Relief, Two Finger Spinal Alignment, The Golden Fishhook, What to do when energy is stuck, Three finger release, Automatic Dictation, and many, many more techniques.  Your investment is  $45.00.