Pendulum Part 1, Programming Many people say they have a pendulum but it doesn’t respond or they can’t trust the answers…well, that is because they have not programmed their pendulum. Almost anything can act as a pendulum, a necklace on a chain, a button on a string, or a crystal. They all need to be programmed so you will get accurate information. This workshop explains the process and you will program yours so you will be able to practice before taking Part II. 2 hours, $20.00.

Pendulum Part 2, Using the Pendulum for Healing and Guidance. Part 1 is a prerequisite. You should be comfortable with basic questioning techniques. You’ll learn to use your pendulum for guidance and communication with Spirit for the discernment of truth and various methods of healing such as testing and balancing chakras. You’ll learn testing nutritional supplements, herbs, medications, crystals, flowers, etc. for the use in healing programs. You’ll learn how to test and change old beliefs and the clearing of negative energies and thought forms. You’ll learn how to raise life force energy and clearing people of disease, illness, thought forms, attachments, etc. 6 hours, $75.00.

Pendulum Part 1 and 2: A combined workshop where you program your pendulum and learn techniques for using it for healing and guidance. 8 hours, $95.00

Pendulum Part 3, Projects and Healing – Techniques from Raymon Grace Prerequisites, Parts 1 & 2. This workshop is based on the works of Raymon Grace, a well-known and respected authority on pendulum dowsing. He teaches internationally. Topics covered: Manifesting what you want, working with the pendulum for removing pain, other healing work including doing long distance pain reduction. You’ll learn some hands-on healing techniques for backaches, headaches and other healing.

With your pendulum you learn to work with household or family unhappiness, and how to increase the energy level in your home. We explore changing genetic characteristics and even a technique for finding your Ideal Mate! This is a fun class of miscellaneous healing techniques and projects. 6 hours, $75.00.