REIKI (pronounced Ray Key) is a spiritually guided, all enveloping energy, capable of healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is a gentle hands-on healing method that connects the universal life force, or God energy, with the body’s own natural healing abilities. It is a natural modality of healing, allowing Unconditional Love to flow through you to the client. This harmony is the source of healing, disease prevention and stress release. Reiki affects causes, not symptoms, and it works under any circumstances.

The best way to learn about Reiki is to experience Reiki. Reiki is taught in levels, referred to as degrees.

Reiki-Healing-Association-Purple-Logo-150Reiki I The First Degree Reiki student is taught the Reiki hand positions to use in healing themselves and others, the Reiki principles, the history of Reiki, and three pillars of Reiki, and the lineage of their teacher. There is an attunement to open the student to Spirit and the Reiki energy. 8 hours of CEUs are offered to Massage Therapists. $125.00.

Reiki II Second Degree students will learn to pronounce, draw and use the special sacred Reiki symbols and techniques that enhance the Reiki energy, as well as how to do long distance healing across time and space. There is a Second Degree attunement also. 7 hours of CEUs are offered to Massage Therapists. $200.00.

Reiki III Master/Teacher. This class is sometimes broken into 2 parts! You will receive knowledge, spiritual energy, the master symbols and an attunement. You will learn how to attune others to the Reiki Energy. 12 hours of CEUs are offered to Massage Therapists. $400.00.

Japanese Reiki I, II, and III Prerequisite, the Usui Reiki level for which you are certified. Starting on a Saturday morning you will learn the history discovered in Japan that has been missing from Reiki trainings and the exercises taught in Japan. Level I is taught the first day and you will have the Japanese attunement for First Degree, with Level II being taught on the second day, including the attunement. The last two hours are for Reiki Masters only and they will be taught to give the attunements for Japanese Reiki. The costs are $100.00 for level 1, $75.00 each for Second Degree and Third Degree Master.

Tera Mai Reiki is an integral part of Shaman’s Touch, and you’ll receive a certificate for both Shaman’s Touch and Tera Mai Reiki when taking Shaman’s Touch.

Reiki I is a prerequisite for Shaman’s Touch I. Reiki II is a prerequisite for Shaman’s Touch II.