Spirit Speaks

A New Offering by
Rev. Martha M. Worsley

Spirit SpeaksSpirit Speaks is about uncovering the truth about who we are, and the Universal Powers that guide our lives. Spirit Speaks is a tarot reading that is not about fortune-telling, uncovering the identity of a secret love, getting a new job, or predicting the outcome of the future.

In the reading, the seeker draws five cards, each of which has three aspects:

  1. How the world (or Tarot) interprets the card;
  2. The universal powers or principles that are shaping your life today;
  3. A personal message of spiritual truth.

A reading looks at:

  • The Known & Unknown
    “What is going on?”
  • Hidden Influences
    “What is pushing or pulling you?”
  • Your Blind Spot
    “What are you not able or willing to see?”
  • Your Inner Child
    “What is crying out from within?”
  • Hopes & Fears
    “What do you want and why can’t you have it”

At the end of the reading, the five messages are put together in the form of a “Letter” from Spirit that gives direction and inspiration. Combined with a better understanding of one’s self, you will be blessed.

Contact Rev. Martha M. Worsley for a reading. Services available at Eden Revisited, 1909 University Blvd. S, #502, Jacksonville, FL  32216. (904) 396-1113.