Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling I   This workshop is for anyone desiring knowledge and guidance concerning spiritual counseling. You will to manifest more power and good into your life. You will learn about and awaken your spiritual gifts. You’ll learn how to clear and balance chakras, how to clear your aura, how to cut the etheric cords, how to allow the angels to speak through you, and how to clear negative entities that can attach to a person. You’ll learn you have the ability to contact angels and beings of light and how to share the knowledge learned with others.

This is a 2 day class. $175.00.

You will learn about the archangels and their female counterpart and how they can assist you in your daily life. Writing can be fun when you do Automatic Dictation. You’ll cut the cords, have wonderful meditations and actually works with the angelic realm. This workshop is jam packed with exercises and information.

Spiritual Counseling II will be available soon. You’ll learn to give angel readings with the use of oracle or angel cards. Hope that whets your appetite!