Prerequisite – the Usui Reiki level for which you are certified.

Level I – Aug 17, 9:30 am – 6 pm  Canceled
Level II – Aug 18, 9:30 am – 1 pm Canceled
Level III – Aug 18, 2:00 – 6 pm Canceled

Eden Revisited Healing Ministry, Inc.
1909 University Blvd., S. #502
Jacksonville, FL  32216
904 396-1113

Starting on a Saturday morning you will learn the history discovered in Japan from Frank Arjava Petter that has been missing from most Reiki trainings as well as the exercises taught in Japan.  Level I is taught the first day and you will have the Japanese attunement for First Degree.  Level II is being taught on the second day, including the attunement.  The last several hours are for Reiki Masters only and they will be taught to give the attunements for Japanese Reiki.  Third Degree Masters will take all three classes.

The costs are $200.00 for Level I, $100.00 for Level II, $125.00 for Level III Masters

CEUs for LMTs…8 for Level 1, 4 for Level II, 4 for level III.