This seems appropriate for where we are today in our world.

       men-praying-handsPrayers for the World

                   by Marianne Williamson

Dear God,
There is so much danger in the world today.
There is so much insanity, so much darkness and fear.
Our human resources are not enough to counter the evil on our streets and in our minds.
Dear God,
Please send a miracle.
Into every country and every home, into every mind and every heart, may the power of Your spirit now trigger the light, activate our holiness, remind us of the truth within.
May a great love now encompass us, a deep peace give us solace.
For Lord, we live in fearful times, and we long for a new world.
We surrender what is, to the bonfire of Your genius.
Refine this metal.
Refashion our creations.
Remind us of the eternal truths.
Return to us our native grace.
Take back what we have kept and thus condemned.
For You are mighty, Lord, and can do what we cannot.
May the world be reborn.
Help us forgive and leave the past behind us, the future to be directed by You.
Hallelujah, for You have the power.
Praise and thanksgiving, as You use it to save us, to heal us, to life us from the past.
And we accept.
Thank You very much.


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